Karol and Joshua
Karol and Joshua

Karol and Joshua arrive in Birtley

Karol and Joshua have arrived form Stuttgart, Germany. They will be with us until August next year. They will help with the ministry of the church in the local community, particularly with children. They will help to lead the has worked with Ranger Outpost and will also work with the children in Messy Church and in Sunday School.

Karol has worked with Royal Rangers in South Africa for one year before returning to Germany and studying in Bible School for one year. She leads a group of older children in her outpost in Stuttgart. She is very active in football, and has played for local teams. She says: “I really enjoy working with Rangers and know that it changed my life, I can identify with children who are not growing up with Sunday school or Bible Stories. I think Rangers is a great way to get Jesus into children and through them into whole Families.”

Joshua has worked with Royal Rangers in Germany for 12 years and leads a team of boys aged 9 to 12. He has worked closely with his outpost to organise summer retreats and many Ranger events. He is a keen and gifted sportsman and has a keen interest in cooking! In describing why he chose to come to Birtley, he says “I want to give a sense to my free year by helping to develop an outpost and bring the good news of Jesus Christ to people. I think this is a good way to invest myself useful in Gods kingdom. It is also a good opportunity for me to learn English and get to know England.”

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