Congratulations to Patrick and Denise who graduated from KST on 13th July 2019 after 3 hard years of work.  Graduation was at 3pm in the King’s Centre, Oxford. The course included 21 modules that covered a range of topics including how to read and study the bible (exegesis and hermeneutics); different books of the bible (for example, there were specialist modules on Genesis, Isaiah, the Gospels, Acts, Revelation); topics in systematic theology (for example: ecclesiology, soteriology and quite a few other -ologies) and a range of topics addressing the mission of the Church in modern world.

Patrick says: “It was a great experience for both of us. We met a group of very talented teachers and some amazing fellow students, all of whom are serving God in different ways across the UK.  Writing our first essays for 35 years was a bit tricky, and we are relived that the final one is completed at last, but we have gained in so many ways from the experience, and we hope that the church will profit from this too!”

Denise says: “I really enjoyed being part of this course. I think that I now have a much broader grasp of the Bible and am better equipped to serve in Church. In addition to all the things I studied learnt, it was an eye-opening experience meeting Christians from different backgrounds and churches.”

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