Camp fire crepes

Camp fire crepes

Royal Rangers is a worldwide scouting-type organisation active in over 90 nations. It caters for children and young teens, and we have three age groups, approximately 5-7, 8-11 and 12-17 years old. We encourage our Rangers to develop in all aspects of life.

We hold an outpost meeting at out church most Saturday’s, 10:30-12 noon. This includes games, activities, teaching and challenges which are designed to help us all grow socially, mentally, physically and spiritually. On most Saturdays we will do camp fire cooking, in which our Rangers learn how to cook safely over fires to produce a variety of products which are then eaten: bread, pizzas, crepes, hot dogs, spaghetti Bolognese, curried chicken … We provide opportunities for our Rangers to be challenged by exciting outdoor activities: we do mountain walking, camping, cooking over open fires and many other activities.

A camping theme has traditionally been at the heart of Royal Rangers and we actively engage with this in our outpost, although other non-camping activities, indoors and outdoors, are included as well. The program includes a merit award system whereby Royal Rangers must demonstrate specific knowledge and abilities.

Each of our outpost meetings tries to include a variety of different activities, giving variety from week to week, but also teaching different skills. Click on each of the photos to learn more about what we do.

Each year we we try to put on a major event. In 2023, this was our Royal Rangers Camp. (click to see information)

If you would like to know more about Royal Rangers, ring Patrick on 07811 340 914.

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